13 Things we’re missing from the ultimate running watch

Ultimate Running Watch

As a running obsessed tech journalist, I’ve tested scores of the best running watches. Garmin, Polar, Apple, TomTom, Suunto, Fitbit, Timex, I’ve strapped them all on at some time of another. And although run-tracking tech has come on incredibly even in just the past two years, I personally still think we’re a way what we runners all want in our ultimate running watch. 

I’m also a realist though and having spoken to countless product developers for all the big brands, I also know that we have to accept there are limits to what the current technology can achieve. There’s no technology around today that can give you a shot of energy when the pain kicks in at mile 25 in a marathon.

However, not everything on our list of wants is sci-fi stuff. There are small tweaks I believe the manufacturers could make right now to improve the wearables we use to track our runs and improve our performance. Here are my musings for Wareable.com on what we’re still missing from the ultimate running watch.

Did I miss anything?