Nike Milers: A masterclass in fast

Nike Milers

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When you’re used to running ultras or marathons, a mere mile can seem like lesser challenge but don’t Nike’s latest running movement the Nike Milers are out to prove it’s just as tough to clock a fast 1609.344 metres as it is to hit a marathon PB.

The mile takes all of the psychology and strategy of longer distances and reduces it down into a 3-10 minute all out, lung burning, leg sapping test of speed and endurance. Running the perfect mile is an art that has transfixed athletes for decades, with a history of unforgettable moments and legendary achievements, particularly for Great Britain with Roger Bannister’s 4-minute mile, Steve Ovett, Sebastien Coe and Steve Cram all leaving their mark on a very special event.

Now Nike wants to rekindle that love affair with the launch of the Nike Milers, a club dedicated to helping people go faster. With special events, training and support from elite athletes, the aim is to get Britain’s amateurs to hit their blistering best over one of the most iconic distances in running.

Manvmiles joined Paula Radcliffe, Steve Cram and half a dozen of TeamGB’s finest emerging talent in an underground car park beneath London’s Hyde Park to launch the new running movement and for a taste of what’s to come. If you fancy finding out more or testing your pace, here’s where you can sign up.